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Today is a bank holiday in Germany, celebrating the German reunification on Oct 3, 1990. While the Reunification was legally completed at this date, the important fall of the Berlin Wall was on November 9 1989.

Ironically the first (and last) gay film produced in East Germany premiered at this very night, November 9 1989, the end of the DDR. The film’s name is “Coming Out” which again is quite ironic, considering the citizens of East Germany could “come out” of their country and go to West Berlin in this very night for the first time since the Berlin Wall was erected in 1961.

Philipp, a closeted teacher, is dating a female colleague. One night, by ‘accident’ he stumbles into a gay bar, meets and promptly falls in love with a young man…

The film premiered in one of my favourite cinemas in Berlin, the Kino International in Berlin Mitte.


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