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Inspired by this post of blogger traumazodiac, I remembered this masterpiece of street art  I found  last year somewhere in Grünau which is in the southeast of Berlin:

Street Art in Berlin? Still Alive...

“Still Alive ihr Fotzen”

Well, it’s an english/german mix, the translation of the german part is “you c**ts!”

This really makes me think, what the background of this piece of art is.

If someone’s got an idea, please let me know!

Does this qualify as street art by the way?


(German:  “Still Alive ihr Fotzen”, irgendwo in Grünau, Bezirk Treptow-Köpenick (Süd-Ost Berlin). Wäre interessant zu wissen, was uns der Autor damit sagen wollte und warum er sich dazu herausgefordert fühlte, uns dieses mitzuteilen… Ist das Kunst?)

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It’s nothing unusual for a city, that everyone’s got opinions. In Berlin however, kind of everyone likes to express them publicly. In this case, someone isn’t very fond of “Hartmut”, whoever that is.

Anyone got an idea why Harmut fell into such disgrace? Please share…

'Hartmut you suck'

(German: Dachverzierung auf einem Lagerhaus in Friedrichshain in der Modersohnstraße südlich der Modersohnbrücke, weiß irgendjemand warum “Hartmut suckt” ?)


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