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This is a clip of Ellen Degeneres show “ellen” who invited long time Boy Scout Ryan Andresen who is being denied the organisation’s highest rank, the Eagle Scout, because he’s gay. The Boy Scouts of America have a recently affirmed policy which does not allow openly gay members. Ryan’s mother, Karen Andresen, started a petition “Boy Scouts: Don’t let your anti-gay policy deny my son his Eagle award” on Change.org which is currently signed by 376.800 people. The petition urges the leaders of Ryan’s Boy Scout Troop 212 to reject the Boy Scouts of America’s discriminatory anti-gay policy and to give Ryan Andresen the Eagle award he’s earned.

The Boy Scouts’ policy is quite remarkable considering that the Catholic Church itself does “embrace” gays. Being gay is not considered to be sinful. “Homosexual behaviour” is, however. According to the Catechism, “they¬† (homosexuals) must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided.” How generous by the way…

Check out “Scouts for Equality“, an organisation focused on changing the Boy Scouts’ discriminatory policies.

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Just got an award (“Liebster Blog Award”) by fellow blogger Verschwende Deine Zeit, a blog with wonderful pictures and anecdotes of everyday life’s curiosities in Berlin.

I’m completely speechless, this is why I have to quote Kathy Griffin‘s acceptance speech at the 2007 Emmy Awards which stirred up quite a controversy. I just can’t put this into words myself. I just hope, Bill Donohue won’t chase after me now…

As far as I understand the rules of this award, it’s up to me now, to give this award to five fellow bloggers. As I’m fairly new to WordPress, I still have to figure that out! If you’re interested, please let me know :)

(I kind of like the word speechlessness now… )


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some pics of the protest against the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Berlin in 2011 Demo gegen Besuch von Papst Benedikt in Berlin

(translation: “Go away, evil old man!”)

Potsdamer Platz, Bahn Tower (right), Kollhoff Tower (left)

(German: Einige Bilder von der Demonstration gegen den Papst-Besuch in Berlin im Herbst 2011)

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