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Ikea frosch am Strand in Bali

I just wanna share with you my little frog-expierience.

We actually bought the frog for my little niece, just before she came to visit us last year. To be honest, we never intended to buy this frog, but when he looked at us at IKEA in all his sweetness and being really cheap, we bought him. After a little – and supposedly traumatizing – spin in the washing machine, we gave him to my little niece. Spoiled as kids are these days, she didn’t pay much attention to our little green fellow. Her about ten times as big and fluffy dog got all the attention. When she finally left us (with her parents obviously, being only 1 1/2 years old at the time), she even left the poor little frog neglected in our flat. So we kind of had to adopt him.

The Frog – or Frosch as we like to call him (Frosch being the german word for frog) – turned out to be a relaxed and funny fellow to hang out with. He even accompanied us on a couple of trips.

The only thing that keeps us wondering is, he might be gay. Considering his flamboyant clothing. I mean, he even wears wings!?!?! And if he is, is that our fault?

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